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Collaboratively empowering change in your life for you to thrive today and tomorrow.


At Striving for Synergy, our mission is to provide accessible therapy tailored to the individual, family or couple. By working collaboratively with a therapist, we will help you navigate your past and current experiences to facilitate growth and change for a brighter future.

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Why choose therapy with us?

We’ve all experienced moments in our lives when our expectations do not align with our reality. It is not uncommon for these moments to lead to feelings of disappointment, anxiety, stress, sadness, and other difficult emotions. 


When our feelings become too overwhelming to manage on our own, it may be time to seek therapy. As a therapists, we recognize how difficult it can be to see beyond your current mindset.  We are here to provide you with support to help you better understand your struggles and identify resources for change. 


As therapists, but most importantly, human beings, it is our honour to walk with you through the difficult and joyous chapters of your life. Together, we can re-establish the goals that you envision for yourself.

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Taking the first step to seek therapy is an important one; I am mindful of this and will be sure to respond rapidly, generally within a few hours of contact.

Please feel free to contact me via telephone, email or the form below:

Monday-Saturday (by appointment only)

Phone: 289-200-4133


Office Location:

4 Hoshlega Drive

Scarborough, Ontario

M1G 2X5

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