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A note from Melissa to you

Dear human, 

Hello, welcome.  I am a human too. We are not all that different. I want to share a few thoughts with you about how I roll as a therapist. Here we go:

I believe that therapy is personal. 


I do not believe in power differentials. I believe that therapy can be enjoyable, even fun at times.  I bring my sense of humour to the table; sometimes in the therapy office, we laugh.  I am approachable. I am real. I swear sometimes (ok, maybe a little more than sometimes).  


I promise to work with you to create the safest, most non-judgmental space in which you feel that you can share openly.  This will empower you to gain greater trust and confidence in the therapy process, in me and in your own ability to change. 


At Striving for Synergy, we are trained in evidenced based practices, which means that therapy is based on reputable neuroscience that works.  From our experience, we believe that therapy done well is an art that is based in science.  With us, therapy involves humans connecting and aligning together to bring about desired change. We promise to honour both the science and the art of therapy as well as your inner wisdom to heal and attain wellness. 


At Striving for Synergy, we work collaboratively with you so that you can align your body, your mind, your relationships and your goals as we empower you towards changing your life for the better.  


Participating in your own life is what’s most empowering; let’s get you back to being more of yourself. Sound like a deal?  


We are so looking forward to hearing from you! 


Take care and chat soon, 

Melissa and team 




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